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We’re often asked by parents if other customers usually put a last name on labels or just an initial or first or last name only? We've found it’s all of the above and pretty evenly distributed among the different choices.

As orders come through we love seeing all the different ways names are created in our label builder and how much it changes the look of the labels. Some of you get really creative and add a little extra pizazz to a label just by mixing things up a little.

Typically people capitalize the first letter in each name but when you change it up and do all lower case or just partial upper case, you’re really making your labels unique. All lower case in this font (see below) is our fave around here! The image below is a great example of the different ways you can create text on your labels for a variety of looks:

Want to get creative? Play in our label builder by switching between our designs and mixing and matching upper and lower case letters. A good place to start creating is with our Bloomin Urban labels. And be sure to show us how you #stickwithstyle on Instagram or Facebook!