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Woohoo! School’s out for summer! And no matter what your plans – camps, road trips, family visits - we hope you’ll have lots of time to enjoy these long, lazy, hazy days! Here’s our summer challenge for you - complete these 10 summer bucket list items along with your kids, because you’re never too old to enjoy popsicles. Or fly kites. Or blow bubbles.

  1. Keep the kids up late one night and stargaze (or moon gaze).

  2. Make popsicles. Eat popsicles. Buy popsicles. Summer is the time for popsicles!

  3. Run through the sprinkler.

  4. Paint pet rocks.

  5. Explore your backyard with a nature scavenger hunt.

  6. Make, and fly, a kite, here’s how.

  7. Set a goal to swim in a pool, the ocean and a lake all in one summer.

  8. Blow bubbles. And if you’re feeling inspired you even make your own bubble blow.

  9. Set the kids loose on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk – suggest they start by drawing the outline of their bodies and then see what transpires.

  10. Make a fort. This one’s perfect for a rainy day!

And it behooves us to advise you to label all the summer gear you're taking on your adventures to make sure it all comes home again and your summer fun can continue unabated! Our Flip Flop labels are a perfect fit for summer fun.