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With the craziness of back to school - and it really is crazy - we think September may just kick us harder than December does and that’s saying something. And speaking of keeping on top of things (or not) have you labeled all the things yet? Not just your kids’ clothes and lunch gear but their pencils, notebooks, highlighters…

So if you’ve already gone through the labels you ordered, or you just got all the notices about school trips and all the gear your kids need for that, or you haven’t yet gotten to your labelling, why not get organized and make it count by supporting your school with an Emily Press Labels Fundraiser?

Our fundraisers are designed to make things easy while giving back to your school! We supply your school or organization with a unique shopping link plus marketing resources to make it easy to spread the word. And 20% of the orders made using your unique code go directly back to supporting your school!

We also have ecofriendly label options if your school is focusing on green fundraising initiatives and our labels come in modern designs that appeal to everyone from tots to tweens (and beyond). We also offer a customer satisfaction guarantee so there’s that!

Intrigued? Find out more about our fundraisers!

Oh and our fundraisers don’t just support your school financially but think how happy parents, teachers and administrators will be with a smaller lost and found pile?