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At this time of year we’re busy preserving all the amazing bounty that’s being harvested...tomatoes, beans, beets, peaches, apples...the list is long. And while it might seem like a lot of work now we’re motivated by the joy of opening what feels like a jar of preserved summer sunshine in the dead of winter.

As you can see things are peachy around Emily Press HQ. We love this easy recipe for peaches in light syrup.

And if, like us, you like to gift the goodies you preserve then our new oval Canning jar labels are your must-have fall accessory. Our Canning jar labels are eco-friendly and reusable. They’re made from an adhesive fabric with a fine weave making your foodie gifts look extra special. Plus you can order them with two different versions of your text so if you’re canning peaches and making tomato sauce, one set of canning labels can reflect that.

Check out our Canning jar labels with foodie icons like the labels on the peaches above - they definitely add a little something extra.

Happy canning!