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January’s the perfect time to get organized for the year, and we’re here to help you get sorted all around your home – think your kitchen, your workshop and beyond. Suddenly 2016’s looking neat and tidy!

In your kitchen: Little things can make a big difference, and one of the best ways to get your kitchen working beautifully is to spruce up your pantry. Start by ditching old, greasy, and peeling spice jar labels, and give your spice rack a make-over - it’s a quick project that adds instant structure and beauty to your cooking. Our spice and canister labels come in three stylish designs and they’re stain and waterproof resistant.

We also recommend targeting the lower shelves in your pantry - putting flour, sugars, pastas and grains into labelled canisters will help products stay fresh for longer, and help keep your pantry spill-free.

Spice Jar Labels - Canister Labels

In your workshop: Sometimes people just don’t remember who they borrowed tools from, but our easy-to-read tool labels are a simple way to make sure your tools find their way home from the neighbor’s house. They’re perfect for gardening or power tools, and are tough enough to stand up to rain and sun.

Tool Labels

In your office: For sorting electronics, instead of having to sort through a nest of cables to find the one charger you’re looking for, here’s a simple hack: use toilet paper rolls to keep your cables together neatly (just push the coiled cable into the roll) and label that cable. Or, if you’ve got a desk with a bird’s nest of cables sneaking behind it, twist cord-labels on each cable, and you’ll never hesitate about unplugging again.

Cord Labels

And if your office supplies wander away from your desk (our kids are huge fans of our office supplies), use our restickable labels for your things such as staplers, USB sticks, scissors, pens and glue sticks. Then when your pens or glue sticks are finished you can remove the label and reuse it on your next set of supplies. Our restickable, resuable labels are eco-friendly and economical. Alas, we can’t help you with protecting your sticky notes from your children…

Did we miss a hack, or are you putting labels to a different use in your house? We’d love to hear about it. Tell us about it here, or send us a photo on our Facebook Page, and show us how you’re getting organized for 2016! #StickWithStyle