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While it’s important that our labels can stand up to the wear and tear your kids, your dishwasher, your washing machine and more put them through, here at Emily Press Labels we think they need to be durable, useful and stylish. Hence our tagline: stick with style!

To that end we wanted to let you in on what goes into the designs on our labels. Unlike many other companies we don’t use clipart, instead all our designs are unique, original works of art. First we come up with a concept, then our artist turns our ideas into sketches which we all fuss over until we’re happy with them, and then comes the testing phase – does it work on different sizes of labels? Is it too intricate or not intricate enough? Only after we’ve tweaked and revised them until they’re perfect are they approved.

So when we say our labels are personalized they truly are – your name and content + our original
designs = stylish labels you can call your own. Our sketches above illustrate our Parisian, Flip Flop, and Hippy Love designs.

And we’ve been working away behind the scenes on two new design collections and we can’t wait for you to see them. Keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming release – we’ll be adding them to our site soon and we’ll announce them via our e-newsletter as well (so now’s the time sign up for it if you don't receive it yet).

That’s another “behind the design” moment from Emily Press Labels! And if you ever have ideas for designs you’d like to see let us know!