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Earth Hour and Earth Day may be behind us, but really, isn’t every day Earth Day?  We like to think our labels do their small part – after all the less stuff you lose the less stuff you have to buy and buying less stuff is better for the earth and your budget.

Plus we also offer eco-friendly labels and green fundraising options.

Our Write Your Own labels are one of our eco-friendly choices.  Not only are they a great last minute labeling solution; they’re also Non-PVC, BPA-free, waterproof and washer safe.  Plus they come in lots of fun designs and you can get them for everything from shoes to gear to clothes.

Because you can customize Our Write Your Own labels with a permanent marker they’re perfect for one-off labeling situations when you don’t need a whole set of labels with the same name or phone number on them. Here are just a few of the ways you can use them:

  • Label different things for your different kids. Bonus: this can help cut down on sibling rivalry

  • If you have a whole classroom of kids and only need one label for each of them then our Write Your Own labels are the answer

  • Label toy bins at school, home or daycare

  • If you’re sending a container to school with your kids and would like to come home again be sure to label it

We’d love to know the creative ways you use our Write Your Owns to label your stuff!

Another eco-focused option is our Reusable, Removable, Restickable labels. They’re also non-PVC and BPA-fee and they come in designs for everyone from tots to tweens.

Both our Write Your Own labels and Reusable labels are a great fit for any green fundraisers your school or daycare may be running.  You can find more info about our school fundraising including our ecofriendly label options online.

Our labels make it a little easier to be green!