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Have you ever noticed that some of our label sets come with different designs? And if you’ve ever noticed, did you wonder why? Sure they’re cute and the mix of designs adds a little je ne sais quoi to each set of labels but there’s more to it than that.

We’ve designed many of our labels as sets of three combinations to make them more useful for you and your family and to cover all your labeling needs. You can order a set of labels personalized for one child or you can order your labels with your family name (or other personalized info of your choice) and then divvy them up between two kids. Each child can choose one design each from the set and then share the third design between them for family items rather than personal items.

Not only do our labels help make sure your kids’ gear is always found and never lost, but we’d like to think we’re helping end your kids’ property wars too. And of course splitting a pack also saves you money, because we know that kitting your kids out for camp and school and life in general all adds up!

And that’s your “behind the design” moment from Emily Press Labels!

Note: Not sure if you’re getting a set of three? Feel free to check with us  if you're not sure and as a rule Any of our label designs that show three different icons set against three different colors comes as a set of three combinations. And keep in mind that with some of the sets you’ll get fewer of the middle set of designs.