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Are you and your kids all set to survive Spring Break day camps? The sudden switch in routine can be rough on a family, but never fear: keep things sailing smoothly with these survival tips, and your family’s bound to have a great break!

#1 - Plan your route: Getting to camp and back is always different from the school run - so to keep mornings from going haywire, plan your commute in advance.

#2 - Talk to your kids: Camp is lots of fun - but it’s normal for kids to feel a little apprehensive as they gear up to meet new faces and try new things. Chat to your kids about how they’re feeling about camp, and if they’re feeling anxious, walk them through what their day will look like. Include them in getting any supplies they need, and choosing what they’ll bring on the first day: if your child feels included in this kind of decision making, they’ll feel more in control (and invested in having fun at camp!).

#3 - Get the jump on lunch: Dedicating a basket in the fridge to camp lunch prep is a great way to stay organized. Fill the basket with sandwich makings as well as cheese, sliced veggies and fruit to nibble on and use our blank Write Your Own labels to label the basket so everyone knows this is where to start when making lunches. Keep bread and crunchy snacks in a second basket on the counter and then when it’s time to assemble lunch all you or your child just to do to get started is pull out your baskets.

Camp labels - Camptime A

#4 - Prep your gear: You don’t need to invest in a bunch of brand-new equipment to send your kiddo to a day camp: but labeling their gear is a must. Not only will it keep things from getting lost, it’ll help your mornings stay organized - you won’t have to worry about where everything is, or whether you’ll see it again at the end of the day. Plus, when you label your your child’s things together it’s a helpful way for your child to be part of the camp planning process - and to refresh items like their water bottle or favorite hoodie. Unsure what to label? Our Camp Labels Pack has all the labels you’ll need.

#5 - Get creative: If your plan is to staycation your way through spring break, make the most of it with day trips! Check out your local museums or musical programs to see what’s on offer, or plan a family outing to a farm or a walk in the woods. Just don’t forget to label your belongings. Hint: if it feels odd to put your name on your things, put a dedicated email address on there instead to ensure your camera, sketchbook or glasses stay found.

Be prepared for spring break so you get a break and enjoy it too!