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While summer vacation’s in the early days for some of us, in other places school’s starting again in just a few weeks. So we’ve put together some handy tips on getting everything organized for back to school so you can make the most of the last lazy, hazy days of summer secure in the knowledge that all your back to school ducks are in a row! Heck, we’ve even broken it down by week for you.

3 to 4 Weeks Out

  • Now’s the time to check what clothes and shoes still fit your kids and where the gaps in their wardrobes are and plan a shopping trip to get everyone kitted out. Note: you can cut down on laundry during the week if you make sure they have about a week’s worth of outfits.

  • Check their collection of litterless lunch gear and toss or recycle anything with missing lids or cracks or that leaks and stock up on new supplies. Also make sure their lunch bags and backpacks will make it through another year and replace them if not.

  • Order labels to keep track of all those new clothes and that new gear. If you order them now you can label new items as they come through the door rather than trying to round everything up and label it at the last minute.

2 Weeks Out

  • If your children are starting at a new school now’s the time to get familiar with their new school grounds, the route to and from school, and their classroom and teacher if possible. It’s a great time to start talking about the new school and other fall activities to get them excited about learning and calm their nerves.

1 Week Out

  • Get a wall calendar and fill it with important upcoming date, weekly events, classes and more. Post it somewhere where everyone can see it so they all know the family schedule – and don’t have to keep asking you! If getting them out the door in the morning is an issue, check out Easy Daysies as well.

  • Don't wait until the last minute to re-establish their morning and bedtime routines. Preschool and elementary aged kids will need that transition time to help them adjust. But don’t do it all in one fell swoop – instead move dinner and bedtimes 10 minutes earlier each day to get everyone back on track.

Week Of

  • Mornings will go more smoothly if you – and your kids – get organized the night before. Have them lay out their clothes and pack their school bags before bed and you can pack their snacks and lunches and put them in the fridge in the evening as well so they can grab them and go in the morning. And stick with easy family faves when it comes to meals that first week of school. It’ll make it easier for everyone to get back into the routine.

Those are our ABCs and 123s for getting back into the school groove. We hope they help!