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Skully Loves Halloween

How could we not introduce you to Skully from our Hipster Collection the week before Halloween? After all it’s his fave holiday. And yes, he knows that’s a bit of a cliché! Here are a few of Skully’s much-loved (and often repeated) Halloween jokes, the ones that never fail to tickle his funny bone: Q: What did the skeleton order for dinner? A: Spare ribs! Q: How did the skeleton know it was going to rain? A: He could feel it in his bones! Q:...

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Buster’s Our Best Friend

Meet Buster Dog from our Hipster Collection , Buster exemplifies all things dog! He’s like a dog with a bone when it comes to his love of bones and he’s always up for a walk, always. In true hipster fashion Buster’s developed a signature tail wag that’s the envy of his pack but that – and everything else - falls by the wayside if he spots a squirrel. Buster truly is man’s best friend and if you order our labels with Buster on them you can take him to school with you, and to restaurants, and...

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The Bunny Hop

You’ve met Walter Panda from our Hipster Collection and now we’d like to introduce you to Bunny Hop. Sure you’ve seen her on our labels but did you know her motto is “keep calm and hop on”? Plus it really bugs Bunny when people assume she likes hip hop music! When it comes to food, Bunny has a weakness for carrots and chocolate eggs, and when it comes to the movies her role model is Lt. Judy Hopps from Zootopia. Bunny is particularly fond of this quote from the movie: I implore you:...

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The Hippest Panda in Town

We like to think that each of the icons that adorn our labels have their own personality and we’ve found that’s especially true for the icons in our new Hipster Collection . So without further ado we’d like to present Walter Panda: Walter is a dapper panda who’s never seen without one of his signature polka dotted bow ties. He’s a big fan of bamboo and can often be found his front porch reading (and rereading) Harry Potter. If you’re as big a fan of Walter as we are then you should know...

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Stick with us for your School Fundraiser

With the craziness of back to school - and it really is crazy - we think September may just kick us harder than December does and that’s saying something. And speaking of keeping on top of things (or not) have you labeled all the things yet? Not just your kids’ clothes and lunch gear but their pencils, notebooks, highlighters… So if you’ve already gone through the labels you ordered, or you just got all the notices about school trips and all the gear your kids need for that, or you haven’t yet...

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Peachy Keen Preserving

At this time of year we’re busy preserving all the amazing bounty that’s being harvested...tomatoes, beans, beets, peaches, apples...the list is long. And while it might seem like a lot of work now we’re motivated by the joy of opening what feels like a jar of preserved summer sunshine in the dead of winter. As you can see things are peachy around Emily Press HQ. We love this easy recipe for peaches in light syrup . And if, like us, you like to gift the goodies you preserve then our new...

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You Name It!

We’re often asked by parents if other customers usually put a last name on labels or just an initial or first or last name only? We've found it’s all of the above and pretty evenly distributed among the different choices. As orders come through we love seeing all the different ways names are created in our label builder and how much it changes the look of the labels. Some of you get really creative and add a little extra pizazz to a label just by mixing things up a little. Typically people...

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Great Granola Bar Recipes

Along with Back to School comes back to packing lunches and rushing out the door in the morning while trying to make sure your kidlets eat something healthy for breakfast so their days get started off right. To that end we’ve scoured the web for a selection of granola bar recipes to meet all your needs – some are nut-free, some are gluten-free, some are sweeter than others, but all of them are delicious! We’re sharing these recipes now so you can stock up on ingredients and test them to...

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Bag It and Tag It

When parents ask we always suggest that kids label their backpacks and bags on the inside. Why? Well not only do most bags have a space for a label inside - so why not take advantage of it? - but also it’s more secure. And if you do want to label your child’s lunch kit or backpack on the outside we recommend something small and discreet that will help your child identify their bag but can’t be read from farther away, as with the photo above. And since almost every kid carries a backpack, we...

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Win Stylish Gear for Back to School

This contest is open to US & Canadian residents aged 18+ and it runs from August 8th at 7 am PST until August 15th at 7 pm PST. Read on for all the winning details and you’ll find the entry options at the bottom of this post. It may seem as if we’re still in the throes of summer but Back to School fast approaches and to make that transition easier for your kids (and for you!) we’ve partnered with some of our favorite brands to bring you a super fun contest packed with awesome prizes...

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