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These waterproof labels come in a variety of sizes & shapes. They're dishwasher safe and super durable. Some have room for phone numbers & email addresses


80 labels

Our Slim rectangle labels are the perfect size to stick on smaller items like lunchboxes, USB sticks, school supplies and electronics so gear doesn't get lost.

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45 labels

Our larger Classic rectangle labels have lots of room for your text and are great on larger items like water bottles, backpacks, sports gear and toys. 

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44 labels

Choose our ID contact labels when you want to identify your stuff with more than a name. Add phone numbers, addresses or email. Get called when your stuff is found!

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48 labels

Add our playful fun shapes to lunch boxes, beverage containers and school supplies. They add an extra special look and are a 10 on the cuteness chart!

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 24 - 48 labels

Our allergy labels & medical labels are simple, easy to read and can see at a glance alerting others of a medical issue or allergies. Add emergency contact info.

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16 labels

These are extra large for items like bikes, car seats, strollers, luggage, sleeping bags and sports equipment. A small investment for BIG returns. 

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