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Back to School Labels! Variety packs of labels for school include dishwasher safe labels & clothing labels for school supplies, lunchboxes, uniforms, electronics & sports equipment.


130 labels 

The cutest labels for Preschool include dishwasher and laundry safe labels. Includes our award winning shoe labels that teach them how to put on their shoes all by themselves.

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124 labels

A combination of dishwasher and laundry safe labels for school with designs for every age. Label clothing, food containers, water bottles, shoes and more.

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199 labels

Our Deluxe Back to School labels combo is packed with the largest variety of waterproof, washer safe labels including 77 stick-on clothing tag labels for clothes and uniforms.

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55-101 labels

The best labels for look-alike uniforms and school shoes. Easily identify shirts, shoes and skirts with these durable, waterproof labels.

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 44 labels 

ID contact labels when you want to identify all your stuff with more than a name. Add phone number, address, email or phone numbers. Get called when your stuff is found!

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110 labels 

These Pencil name labels are great when you don't need a waterproof label. Label markers, highlighters and other school supplies.

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24 - 48 labels 

Our allergy labels and medical labels are simple, easy to read and see at a glance alerting others of any medical issues.

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48 labels 

Book labels for their own little library. Label books, movies, electronics and other items being lent out.

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