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Our Camp labels are durable, waterproof & laundry safe to label swim goggles, sunscreen, footwear, clothing and other camp gear kids bring to camp.


122 labels

Our largest camp labels pack for overnight camp. Label their clothing, toiletries, camp supplies, footwear and outer gear.

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55 labels

Our smaller camp labels pack for day camp. Label their clothing, food containers, water bottles and shoes.

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70 - 80 labels

For tagless clothing like socks, underwear and t-shirts. They're super soft and non-irritating so they won't even know it's there.

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24 labels

Our allergy labels and medical labels are simple, easy to read and see at a glance alerting others of any medical issues.

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 44 labels

Contact labels to identify all your stuff with more than a name. Add phone number, address, email or phone numbers. Get called when your stuff is found!

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