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CAMP Labels

Our waterproof camp labels help rain gear, boots, fleece and other expensive camp stuff return home so kids can focus on other things.

CAMP Labels
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Kid's Camp Labels

Camps require the labeling of everything that campers are bringing and that means EVERYTHING! Toothbrushes, sunscreen, swimsuits, hiking boots, rain gear, flashlights and more.

Our name labels are extra durable and waterproof so they'll stay stuck. When you receive the list from your camp of the items to bring, divide it into clothing, footwear and then other gear for easy labeling.

Our Camp labels variety pack includes:

  • Waterproof Slim and Classic labels for water bottles, swim goggles, toiletries, flashlights, sunscreen and more
  • Laundry safe, peel & stick clothing tag labels for linens, jackets, swimsuits, hats and other clothing
  • Shoe labels for hiking boots, sneakers and water shoes
  • Extra large, waterproof labels for sleeping bags, backpacks and duffle bags



We've created some of the best designs for campers including our new Emoji icon labels that are kid and tween approved so that they'll be excited to label their camp gear. Camp time will be here before you know it!

Don't forget to bring Allergy labels if needed!