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Seniors Label Pack
Seniors Label Pack

Seniors Labels Pack - Waterproof, washable & Laundry Safe Labels

Our Seniors label pack contains a variety of laundry safe clothing labels for all the different types of clothing and linen you need to label. This label pack is great for those who have a mix of tagless clothing items like socks and underwear and those with tags like shirts and pants.

Our Seniors pack includes:

  • Our popular Tag-a-Tag clothing labels that peel and stick to the care/brand tag on clothing
  • Our super soft and non-irritating iron-on clothing labels that are so thin you don't even know they are there
  • Our slim labels are waterproof and dishwasher safe and ideal for personal belongings you want to identify and keep track of.
  • Our shoe labels are super durable with a built-in laminate to prevent your text from rubbing off

Seniors labels and Senior Living

Our label pack is also great for those seniors going into eldercare homes where clothing items are washed by the senior care homes. Our iron-on labels are the most effective with the rigorous washings at care homes and can be used on linens too.

Tag-a-tag clothing labels do double duty as they are also dishwasher safe and super durable making them ideal for labeling their favorite personal items discreetly.

If you need to supplement our Seniors label pack with more labels, there are sets of individual types of clothing labels you can find in our Clothing Labels section.



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