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NEW Designs

NEW Label Designs for Spring 2012

Fabulous new label designs fresh off our design boards to you.

NEW Designs
Camptime (aqua) Restickable Labels Set
Camptime (aqua) Restickable Slim Labels
Camptime aqua - Camp Labels
Camptime aqua - Classic Labels
Camptime aqua - First Class School Labels
Camptime aqua - Shoe Labels
Camptime aqua - Slim Labels
Camptime aqua - Tag-a-Tag Clothing Labels
Camptime Spring - Classic Labels
Camptime Spring - Shoe Labels
Camptime Spring - Slim Labels
Camptime Spring - Tag-a-Tag Clothing Labels
Ladybugs - Camp Labels
Ladybugs - Classic Labels
Ladybugs - First Class School Labels
Ladybugs - Shoe Labels
Ladybugs - Slim Labels
Ladybugs - Tag-a-Tag Clothing Labels
Ladybugs (yellow) Restickable Labels Set
Ladybugs (yellow) Restickable Slim Labels
Lil Owls - Classic Labels
Lil Owls - First Class School Labels
Lil Owls - Shoe Labels
Lil Owls - Slim Labels
Lil Owls - Tag-a-Tag Clothing Labels
Lil Owls - Welcome Baby Labels
Lil Owls - XLarge Labels
Lil Owls Restickable Slim Labels
Lil Owls Reusable Labels Set
Owls aqua - Tag-a-Tag Clothing Labels
Owls pink - First Class School Labels
Owls pink - Tag-a-Tag Clothing Labels
Grassy Scene Reusable Labels Set
Grassy Scene Reusable Slim Labels
Pennants (primary) Restickable Labels Set
Pennants (primary) Restickable Slim Labels
Pennants - Classic Labels
Pennants - Slim Labels
Lumberjack - Camp Labels
Lumberjack - Classic Labels
Lumberjack - First Class School Labels
Lumberjack - Shoe Labels
Lumberjack - Slim Labels
Lumberjack - Tag-a-Tag Clothing Labels
Lumberjack Restickable Labels Set
Lumberjack Restickable Slim Labels
Stars (blue) Restickable Labels Set
Stars (blue) Restickable Slim Labels
Stars blue - Classic Labels
Stars blue - Deluxe School Labels Pack
Stars blue - First Class School Labels
Stars blue - Shoe Labels
Stars blue - Slim Labels
Stars blue - Tag-a-Tag Clothing Labels
Stars (pink) Restickable Labels Set
Stars (pink) Restickable Slim Labels
Stars pink - Classic Labels
Stars pink - First Class School Labels
Stars pink - Shoe Labels
Stars pink - Slim Labels
Stars pink - Tag-a-Tag Clothing Labels
Stars pinks - Deluxe School Labels Pack
Splat - Camp Labels
Splat - Deluxe School Labels Pack
Splat - First Class School Labels
Splat - Shoe Labels
Splat - Slim Labels
Splat - Tag-a-Tag Clothing Labels
Splat (primary) Restickable Labels Set
Splat (primary) Restickable Slim Labels
Splat primary - Classic Labels
Hippie Love - Camp Labels
Hippie Love - Classic Labels
Hippie Love - Deluxe School Labels Pack
Hippie Love - First Class School Labels
Hippie Love - Shoe Labels
Hippie Love - Slim Labels
Hippie Love - Tag-a-Tag Clothing Labels
Hippie Love (bright) Restickable Slim Labels
Hippie Love (bright) Reusable Labels Set
Canopy - Classic Labels
Canopy - Slim Labels
Canopy (metro) Restickable Slim Labels
Canopy (metro) Reusable Labels Set
Dandelion neapolitan - Classic Labels
Dandelion neapolitan - Slim Labels
Dandelion neapolitan - XLarge Labels
Earth - Classic Labels
Earth - Slim Labels
Earth (willow) Restickable Labels Set
Earth (willow) Restickable Slim Labels

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